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How to get the most of your tan

How to get the most of your tan

The longevity of the tan will depend on how well you've prepped your skin, how you look after the tan (i.e. going in chlorine will strip the tan) and how often your skin sheds itself.

 A tan will generally last anywhere between 4 to 14 days. It is important to prep your skin in the lead up to a tan, whether you do it yourself or go to get a spray tan.

Exfoliating your skin regularly will remove the dead skin and consistent moisturising is essential for a flawless, long-lasting tan.

If your skin that is not prepped and fake tan on the tan will stick to the dry skin and If you have dry skin, the tan will stick to the dry spots and it will be difficult to remove. This is why it's important you prep your skin.

Here are some moisturisers we recommend to use daily immediately after your shower.


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