More Than a Tan: Ohh My Glo's Ethical and Environmental Journey

Glowing Beyond the Surface: Ohh My Glo's Ethical Commitment

At Ohh My Glo, we believe that beauty extends beyond skin deep. Our commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility is at the core of everything we do.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free:

Ohh My Glo is proud to be a part of the cruelty-free movement. Our products are not tested on animals, and we use only vegan ingredients. Because beauty shouldn't come at the expense of our furry friends.

Quality Ingredients and Aussie Made:

When it comes to quality, we don't compromise. All our products are made in Australia, ensuring the highest standards. We source the finest natural and organic ingredients, infusing every tan with nourishment for your skin.

Reducing Our Ecological Footprint:

We are on a mission to make a positive impact on the environment. Our tanning accessories are all reusable and washable, reducing waste. Our product packaging is recyclable, contributing to a greener future. We believe in tanning responsibly, with every step leaving a lighter footprint on the planet.

Making Your Life Easier:

Beyond the tan, Ohh My Glo is here to simplify your life. Our 'Glo on the go' cosmetics bag is tailor-made for your stunning stash. It's not just a bag; it's a statement of convenience and style.

Ethical Tanning for a Better Tomorrow:

Ohh My Glo is not just a brand; it's a movement. Join us in our commitment to ethical and environmental responsibility. Because when you tan with us, you're not just getting a tan – you're making a choice for a brighter, more beautiful future.

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