The ohh my glo story

Ohh my glo is a revolutionary product that has addressed a long-standing problem in the tanning industry. Founder Zoe Klein, with her 10 years of experience in the tanning industry, identified the pain points of her clients and innovated a game-changing solution.

The ohh my glo fake tan setting spray is a unique, touch-free product that eliminates the sticky feeling after tanning and prevents clothes from ruining the tan.

It's easy - Simply spray the fake tan setting spray on your skin right after tanning.

Time saver - It immediately mattifies the tan allowing you to get dressed without having to wait for your tan to dry. It contains Kakadu plum extract so it nourishes your skin while you marinate in your tan.

Effective - You can get dressed and go about your day or hop straight into bed in comfort.

Convenient - It simply washes off in the shower when you're ready to rinse off the tan.

The development of Ohh my glo took 14 months of sampling and perfecting the formula, which was launched in November 2022. Since then, it has received positive attention from customers and industry professionals. The unique formula, which can even be sprayed directly onto the toilet seat to prevent staining the seat with tan, has caught the attention of beauty editors like Leigh Campbell, who featured it on the Mamamia You Beauty podcast.

Ohh my glo has solved a significant problem for people who love to tan but hate the uncomfortable feeling that comes with it. With ohh my glo, they can reclaim their time and comfort immediately after tanning, without waiting for the sticky feeling to subside. As Australia's first fake tan setting spray, Ohh my glo is a unique and innovative business that is leading the way in the tanning industry.

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