From spray tanner to entrepreneur

Who’s the mastermind behind the innovation of ohh my glo?

Meet Zoe, the inventor of Australia's first-ever self-tan lock in spray, a brand that evolved into streak-less self-tans and awesome accessories.

Zoe is a fair-skinned fiery redhead who's all about that sun-kissed glow, but let's be real –life's a whirlwind. I'm juggling Mum duties, transforming my garage into a wicked tanning haven, and dealing with a hubby who is basically a globetrotter. My work with tanning started a decade ago because whenever I forked out cash for a tan, I'd end up looking like a mud-wrestling champ or a spotted cow – not exactly the fab look I was aiming for.

A side hustle turned into my full-on gig thanks to a shoutout from the Urban List. And guess what? The stickiness struggle? Real, my friends. But out of that sticky situation sprouted a rad company with a ton of thrilling goodies in the pipeline. Life's twists and turns, right?

"There were powdery solutions out there, but dusting my clients off felt like I was caught in a snowstorm of shimmer, getting cosy in every nook and cranny. Like, come on, there had to be another way! Surprise, surprise – there wasn't. So, I rallied the troops – friends, fellow entrepreneurs, and a whole bunch of creative minds. That wild journey led me to manufacturers, and before I knew it, I was whipping up my very own potion!"

"I made sure that only the most efficacious and naturally derived ingredients made it into the mix, all sourced right here in Australia. Cruelty-free? Heck yes. Vegan-friendly? You bet. Nasty stuff? No way! I found a local manufacturer who shared my vision. Fast-forward 14 months of tinkering, testing, and soaking up feedback from my awesome clients – victory! The ultimate self-tan setting spray was born, packaged in a cute can, ready to banish all the yucky-ness associated with getting your tan on. And now I am so excited to announce that my team and I have developed the most exciting self-tanning range, and it’s about to hit the market and I can’t wait for you to try it!"

Loads of love and way fewer sticky situations, xoxo Zoe