From spray tanner to entrepreneur

This pale-redheaded, single Mumma has been a professional spray tanner for over 10 years. She is obsessed with all things tanning and has invented Australia's first ever setting spray for self tans.

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Meet Zoe, founder of ohh my glo

Hey – I’m Zoe, a see-thru pale redhead who’s obsessed with everything tanning.

I accidentally stumbled into becoming a professional tanner over 10 years ago when no one could tan me properly – and I was paying these people. I always looked like I’d rolled in orange mud and didn't understand how the tan was literally dripping down me. They just didn’t get me. So, I bought my own tent, tan solution and a spray gun and was actually horrible at it. I didn’t give up - LOTS of practice later on my friends later (bless them) I managed to nail the art of a natural looking golden glow.

The biggest complaint from my clients was the annoying and yucky sticky feel after a tan. I found a powder product on the market but that stuff went everywhere and as you can imagine, I had to get up in all sorts of areas to brush it in. I thought there had to be an easier way. Turns out there wasn’t so I set out to create my own product.

A good friend and a regular client is one of the co-founders of booby tape, Bridgett Cavallaro. She helped me embark on my journey and gave me invaluable tips and direction of where to start. 

With everything made right here in Australia down to the can, I wanted this product to be be free of toxins and nasties. I lost my beautiful Mumma bear in 2014 to cancer and since then I’m making sure that everything I put on my skin is free from any nasties. We’ve got one body and our skin is the largest organ of our bodies that we need to protect.

I explored every option. I wasn't settling for anything less than perfect for my clients. A few manufacturers later, many samples and 14 months of relentless dedication, I had nailed it—a perfect  self-tan setting spray in a can! I knew this was something that I had to share beyond my clients. This is when Ohh My Glo was born.

The setting spray was crafted to make tanning a breeze for everyone. It eliminates stickiness from any self-tan (at home or professional tan), prevents self-tan from transferring onto clothes, couches and your pristine White sheets or your bubs face while you try to breastfeed. It neutralises unpleasant smells, and even reduces sweating while you marinate in your tan – winning! Mamamia couldn't resist the magic because you can spray it directly on a toilet seat to avoid those icky fake tan stains from your tanned toosh (ifyky)! 

Since establishing Ohh My Glo in 2022, we've expanded our range to include four colour-correcting tans, catering to everyone's skin tones. They're unscented, odour-eliminating, and packed with skin-loving ingredients. These tan mousses are so easy to apply - they literally glide on the skin ensuring a flawless, gorgeous golden glo every time.

I noticed that lots of my clients struggled with removing excess tan or had to scrub their skin till it was red raw or even bleeding. We’ve got the most epic and gentle tan remover than melts tan away in 5 minutes and is packed full of naturally derived and organic ingredients – it is a primer so you can prep your skin for a longer lasting tan – it’s a game changer, super effective and doesn’t stink.

Our range includes tanning accessories like a waterproof tanning glove, a back applicator, an exfoliating glove, and a super-soft kabuki brush – because nailing that perfect tan should be easy!

As a single Mum, I want to show my daughter that we can be independent, epic Mummas, successful and empower others through the ohh my glo family. It's a lot of hard work and sleepless nights but it's all worth it for the glo gang and my Tan By Zoe clients!

Join me on this incredible journey, where we've transformed tanning into an experience that's easy, effective, and enjoyable.

Lots of love and way fewer sticky tans xoxo Zoe